Saturday, December 03, 2005

Book was quite good....full with examples and anecdotes...

it talks about picking up good brand wary of line extensions in architecture...I liked Isuzu example....then relevance of PR....

very light, replete with examples and easy to understand language..

I particularly liked Trout vehemently saying the Confucious had said :A picture is worh many words"..Trout claims that ear is more important organ for mind than eye and further cliams he actually went and looked at his transcripts and found its actually is "a picture is worth many gold " and not words....Quite intriguing....but anyways he has dealt with section on mind very well though elementary.

I finished it in 1 day, so if you are feeling to get some examples on positiong and Brand names and Extensions, please go ahead and read the "pop-corn light" book.

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