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Quotable Quotes

"The reading of all good books is like a conversation with all the finest men of past centuries." - Rene Descartes
Seth when found last time....
current location: somehwre in Jungles vacated by death of Veerappan :))

Yahoo Answers is Addictive!

well, I got a hang of thie new and exciting service, and beleive me its good fun.
You score each time someone answers your question. You can also score by number of ways.
You can ask questions, answer questions, rank the answers, good fun.
Do try it.
you can visit the blog here

PS: On weekend I read the news how Yahoo is trying to save itself in the war of Internet between MSN and Google. I think if they continue doing things like these, they will certainly save themselves.

Google Survives!

The rumour of MSN buying stake in AOL (and thus Google wud have been suffocated as about 20% of its ad revenue comes from AOL) has been turned upside down when Google itself has bought 5% stakes in AOL for 1B$.


David v/s Goliath of Advertising

Marshall’s Road in Chennai is the David (Advertising Agency) office, on the other side is the office of JWT (Advertising Giant). In between is a hoarding, on the left side of which in white against a black background is written ‘David’, with a red arrow indicating the location of the office.
Courtesy: AgencyFaqs

Virtualization Technology

Intel and Amd promise to make our lives easier....will all the IT Admins take note of it?..

Quoting Intel:

Within the digital office and enterprise, businesses for example will be able to isolate a portion of a managed PC to perform system upgrades and maintenance without interrupting the end-user. IT managers could also create one desktop PC build that can function independently as both a business and personal system, keeping software loads and virus attacks separate, or one that runs different operating systems and software for different or legacy tasks. Multiple servers can be combined into one system, running different applications and operating systems, providing advantages for IT tasks such as server consolidation, legacy migration and security.

To read more about it, click here

MSN India Starts Advertisement on its website

MSN India has started a new thing on Indian Internet.
Ads on websites. (See red bordered)
Will it be big or not?....We have had interstitials, superstitials,banners ,etc but TVC ad on website...and the best part does not depend on the connection speed you it does not buffer on your computer but is real time....
But i think it may not work in the world of TIVOs where people are trying to get rid of Ads....but yes it can certainly see a new task for all the pop up blockers to come up with getting rid of this thing in future....but thats stretching this new and exciting thing too far....all in all discussed it will certainl help Indian Internet to evolve further.
Book I am Reading:
Integrated Branding: Becoming Brand-driven Through Company-wide Action
By FJoseph LePla and Lynn M Parker
Hope to finish it before 27th December when I plan to take a thick book to read while in train to bangalore
Book I am reading

God's Debris, E-book by Scott Adams.
Freely Available for Download, click here (Its official, dont worry)
It seems a good marketing idea as there is another book by Scott Adams but not available online (my personal comment), So two books are getting publicised by marketing one book freely on net but costly hardbook edition. Good Show!

Google Mirror

Its a funny web , where google exists in its mirror image. Click Here...Google Mirror

Google Calendar?

Rumours are widespread that Google is launching its sheduling and organizing tool oogle calendar. ( reverts you to Google Homepage).
Rumours are also there that it will be linked to Gmail and Google earth.
Its supposed to be launched today or with in this wekk.
So lets see.
The Ramayana Bridge Its an old news but still I am putting it on the blog as was showing it to colleague. You can read about it here

Book - The Death of Vishnu

Its first of the trilogy (on Hindu Mythology of The Holy Trinity, next two being The Life of Shiva and The Birth of Brahma) by Manil Sury,
Quite new in approach....what I liked in particular was the way Manil Suri has developed each charactar, be that Asranis, Pathaks, Jalals.
Entire story is about charactars woven around Vishnu, servant who dies while sleeping in a Mumbai Building. The story does justice to all charcatars, thats the best part, reminded me of the "Sooraj ka saatwan ghoda" by Shyam Benegal.
Unbeliveably but its the first book of the author, Manil Suri, you can read the first chapter of the book on the website.

Book - Shantaram

Perhaps the most interesting book I read....I had not been thrilled so much ....its like Godfather just in case you want me to draw an analogy...Gregory Roberts has created such an aura around Bombay in the book that has left me in an undulating and mysterious air.

He has woven the story around the Mubai that I never knew the place were I live (Haji Ali), place where I order food (President and Hotel Saurabh), PLace where I work (Colaba, near Sasoon Dock and Hotel President) are such mystic places .....its quite thrilling...only yesterday I was asking taxi driver in Byculla if he has heard of Standing Babas mentioned in book.....its quite amazing...Arhtu Road jail's description(which recently was in news coz of Abu Salem)....the sheer intriguing details and descriptions have made me a great fan of Shantaram....
I dont want to let out story of the novel but beleive me if you read this , you will be in a state of amazement for quite sometime.
I can not imagine but if really went thurog…

Newsmap: A Visual Delight

Newsmap, Newsmap is an application that visually reflects the constantly changing landscape of the Google News news aggregator.
A treemap visualization algorithm helps display the enormous amount of information gathered by the aggregator. Treemaps are traditionally space-constrained visualizations of information. Newsmap's objective takes that goal a step further and provides a tool to divide information into quickly recognizable bands which, when presented together, reveal underlying patterns in news reporting across cultures and within news segments in constant change around the globe.Newsmap does not pretend to replace the googlenews aggregator. It's objective is to simply demonstrate visually the relationships between data and the unseen patterns in news media. It is not thought to display an unbiased view of the news, on the contrary it is thought to ironically accentuate the bias of it.
(Source: Newsmap website)


Well, there have been many sites helping you to search all the possible search engines at one time.....but here it is called the site where you can actually get to see the sGoogle and Yahoo searches on a webpage intersected into 2....try comparing the google and yahoo searches...there is a huge and distinct difference between them....let me see if you nerds can find out....
Book was quite good....full with examples and anecdotes...
it talks about picking up good brand wary of line extensions in architecture...I liked Isuzu example....then relevance of PR....very light, replete with examples and easy to understand language..I particularly liked Trout vehemently saying the Confucious had said :A picture is worh many words"..Trout claims that ear is more important organ for mind than eye and further cliams he actually went and looked at his transcripts and found its actually is "a picture is worth many gold " and not words....Quite intriguing....but anyways he has dealt with section on mind very well though elementary.I finished it in 1 day, so if you are feeling to get some examples on positiong and Brand names and Extensions, please go ahead and read the "pop-corn light" book.

Book - Winning

Book I am reading these days