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Nokia 888

The next Generation phone.
This design won the best design awards in Nokia Design Competeion.
In case you want me.

Gmail rate of growing

Gmail on 28 Sept was 2638.584390
and today on 19 November its offering 2666.000270...that means in 50 days it added about 27 Mb....more than what hotmail is offering even after more than 9 years of existence.
Its offering 25 Mb to most of the consumers and 250 to consumers in some markets. And some of the peopl are still getting 2 Mb.
Lets see what the marketing giant Microsoft does to tackle the situation.
Nick Negroponte, legendary founder of MIT's Media Lab, wants to give $100 laptops to poor kids around the globe.
For More details Click Here

Google Logo Creator

Meet Dennis Hwang ...23 year old Korean who is behind several of those Whacky logos you see..
Click here for an interview of him with the Korean Hearld

Yahoo Mail Beta

The New Image, I got it from blog of jzawodn..
Hope to get it soon ....

Amazon launches A9

The Internet is evoloving fast and furiously.....Search Engine Market is bursting with Action....the master is diversifying and there are already rumors that the page which has not changed ever since it firt appeared is going to get changed in sometime....amidst all this Amazon launches its own search engine A9.The fight of Who-is-searching-more is not still over between Yahoo and google and A9 is certainly going to attaract lot of attraction.Now the big question ....will A9 do something to google (which already accounts for more than 70% of all searches on net?)...I think to some extent yes....over the times Relevancy ....the major factor of searches was getting sidelined in the quest of who searches more....A9 can be an answer to that coz what it is seling is search on the wesbites like Flickr and webshots and many other community based wesbites..For Example "anshul sushil" on google will give you results from the web but now from A9 if you click on flickr a…