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Part 1: Adventure with Seth in Bangalore

I reached at FR (front side) was drizzling a little....called up Seth ki bhayya kahan ho, main pahunch gaya hoon....door se dekha ki koi sadak pe ek haath se bike pakde and
ek haath hawa main lahrate hue kuch chilla raha hai....fone pe Seth kah raha tha bhayya yahan hoon....maine kaha oh sala ye macho sa banda seth hai kya? bhaai logon...Seth mast bike pe helmet etc. laga ke mere ko lene aaya....First Impresion was Wow!...Khair maza aaya ek day jab we were supposed to meet sachin in Cafe Coffee day in Indiranagar...seth and me had beer that day ...then shaam ko ghar se fresh hoke apan dono nikal chale...raaste main I had to take movie tickets at a place...seth took me there and haled the Bike....Seeing that
the place was deserted.....(now coming in Conversation Mode:)
Me: Abe saale yahan koi bike nahin hai
Seth: Koi Nahin be
Me: abe seth yahan koi vehicle bhi nahin hai
Seth: (with his both legs now off the bikes with last leg over the front wheel)....abe tension mat ho....main hoon naa.
Me: abe pakka naa?
Seth: abe ye bangalore hai
Me: ok...abe tera chunniganj nahin hai...
Khair I gave up seeing the indifference in his attitude....we rushed to take tickets as we were getting late....After taking tickets we came back....from the steps of the hall...

Seth: (very Casually) Abe bike nahin dikh rahi hai
Me: Gayi (very Animatedly)
Seth: abe aage se dekhte hain tree is coming in way
...........................sadak ke paar aa gay....traffic is not leetting us cross..
Seth: Abe bike kahan hai......
Me: Gayi :(
Seth: (now shouting).
from one side of road to ppl on other side....are bhayya bike dekhi kya?
Me: are yaar first lets cross.they cant hear us its traffic
Seth: abe Bike nahin hai saalee.
Me: mil jaayegi.....yhain hogi
nearly waiting till death, our hero, tries to cross the road amidst the trafffic and has to come back mid way as the traffic threatens to go over him
Ultimately we crossed roads.
Seth to people: Bhayya Bike dekhi?
Me? Bhayya Bike dekhi kya?
One soul called us: wo to police le gaye, no parking hai we tried to ask whare and how...ppll were tellings us whatever they knew...
Seth: Bhodi ke Bike kahan hai?
Tab tak ek aadmi chillata hai: wo dkeho sadak pe truck jaa raha hai, aapki bike to nahin hai?
Me: Oh Shit!
Me: abe chilla matSeth: (now runing)..meri bike....
Sudeenly I saw an auto, caught hold of Vivek abe isme baith jaa we will catch them....Thank fully Truck stopped very close...
What happened there in Part 2.... later as I am busy....

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