Sunday, October 09, 2005

Just finished this book (given by Creative Head at my office) by William Sutcliffe, I liked it....finished it in two weekdays..even when the Projects in the office were quite demanding..u can imagine the interest which the book provoked in reminded me of The Inscrutable American by Anand Mathur....Are you interested? already a best-seller in England, and accounts adventure of the protoganist Dave and his adventures with Liz (his freind's girlfriend) India....though Sutcliffe has used india as just another destination and not banked upon its true values (besides the Osho type ashram and hot and humid milieu)....In other words, Sutcliffe had referrred to the Elephant and Beggar India rather than fast and Techy India....but still the accounts of dave and Liz were quite funny...much as that of fearful Adventurer (with stress on fear)....Dave wants to bed Liz and Liz wants to be an intrepid adventurer like her boyfriend james ....their quaabblings are quite hillarious....and the Indian charactar Ranj adding spice at the end....good read if you want to kill time and break from all those Grishams and Krichton..
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