Thursday, October 27, 2005

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Why I chose this?...Will write very soon on that

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Part 1: Adventure with Seth in Bangalore

I reached at FR (front side) was drizzling a little....called up Seth ki bhayya kahan ho, main pahunch gaya hoon....door se dekha ki koi sadak pe ek haath se bike pakde and
ek haath hawa main lahrate hue kuch chilla raha hai....fone pe Seth kah raha tha bhayya yahan hoon....maine kaha oh sala ye macho sa banda seth hai kya? bhaai logon...Seth mast bike pe helmet etc. laga ke mere ko lene aaya....First Impresion was Wow!...Khair maza aaya ek day jab we were supposed to meet sachin in Cafe Coffee day in Indiranagar...seth and me had beer that day ...then shaam ko ghar se fresh hoke apan dono nikal chale...raaste main I had to take movie tickets at a place...seth took me there and haled the Bike....Seeing that
the place was deserted.....(now coming in Conversation Mode:)
Me: Abe saale yahan koi bike nahin hai
Seth: Koi Nahin be
Me: abe seth yahan koi vehicle bhi nahin hai
Seth: (with his both legs now off the bikes with last leg over the front wheel)....abe tension mat ho....main hoon naa.
Me: abe pakka naa?
Seth: abe ye bangalore hai
Me: ok...abe tera chunniganj nahin hai...
Khair I gave up seeing the indifference in his attitude....we rushed to take tickets as we were getting late....After taking tickets we came back....from the steps of the hall...

Seth: (very Casually) Abe bike nahin dikh rahi hai
Me: Gayi (very Animatedly)
Seth: abe aage se dekhte hain tree is coming in way
...........................sadak ke paar aa gay....traffic is not leetting us cross..
Seth: Abe bike kahan hai......
Me: Gayi :(
Seth: (now shouting).
from one side of road to ppl on other side....are bhayya bike dekhi kya?
Me: are yaar first lets cross.they cant hear us its traffic
Seth: abe Bike nahin hai saalee.
Me: mil jaayegi.....yhain hogi
nearly waiting till death, our hero, tries to cross the road amidst the trafffic and has to come back mid way as the traffic threatens to go over him
Ultimately we crossed roads.
Seth to people: Bhayya Bike dekhi?
Me? Bhayya Bike dekhi kya?
One soul called us: wo to police le gaye, no parking hai we tried to ask whare and how...ppll were tellings us whatever they knew...
Seth: Bhodi ke Bike kahan hai?
Tab tak ek aadmi chillata hai: wo dkeho sadak pe truck jaa raha hai, aapki bike to nahin hai?
Me: Oh Shit!
Me: abe chilla matSeth: (now runing)..meri bike....
Sudeenly I saw an auto, caught hold of Vivek abe isme baith jaa we will catch them....Thank fully Truck stopped very close...
What happened there in Part 2.... later as I am busy....

Friday, October 21, 2005

Airport: A classic from Arthur healey…The full story you can read here,
Its a classical novel…on the melodrama, taking place on hypothetical airport in Illinois.
What I liked was the way Arthur has played with the characters, each and every character mentioned in the story had been dealt with full details. Its unique of Arthur healey, The way he has dealt with Keith, Gwen, Cindy ,etc who have been given a chance to fully grow in the novel irrespective of the fact they were just side characters. Arthur has done justice with each one of them and no body has been given casual treatment.
I finished it in the Bangalore-Hyderabad Trip in train, another good reason for traveling in train, you have ample time to do what you can not if you are taking flight.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Recent Trip to Hyderabad-Bangalore

In Hyderabad:

I reached Hyderabad and called up Gautam and there he came in his new bike…looking as a macho guy….and then we went to his home….bhayyon it was so pleasant surprise..gautam pai has finally settled in life…with bhabhi, uncle and aunty…. Saw their marriage snaps…with Gautam Bhai and Bhabhi looking so cute in their Shimla-localite outfits….I had a great lunch….in short Guatm Bhai has set a good example of being the first meta guy with a home and a great wife….. gautam send me the snap I have to put it here

The Bangalore Trip
Coming Very Soon

Monday, October 10, 2005

DOmains of Google

you know what is on your mobile and you will get to know....besides how many times have you witnessed typing and still landing on the search engine?...well there are about 352 domain names of Google (and its allied services)......have attached some of them...if you want a comment on this blog with your contact email and will send you the entire list.
Also note the presence of, about which I have menioned in a blog that google will be launching its browser soon...called the gbroswer

Image Search?

You upload an image on google and they return details of people ...Will it be possible?....Google announced it is launching a tool which will help in identifying sex of the person in photo. I was expecting it from some time and will not find many pages referring to it...but it will come very soon....similarly something is hatching at Yahoo

Google Reader

Google Reader is here:
Launched today it can help in collecting feeds from various sites (who support feeds)...and then bring them on to your google reader where again you can read them and go through them in a much convenient and adfree world.
Google has again succesffully maintained a simple interface, which takes less time than the parent source for information.
I have attached a snapshot for a sneek preview if you are interested

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Just finished this book (given by Creative Head at my office) by William Sutcliffe, I liked it....finished it in two weekdays..even when the Projects in the office were quite demanding..u can imagine the interest which the book provoked in reminded me of The Inscrutable American by Anand Mathur....Are you interested? already a best-seller in England, and accounts adventure of the protoganist Dave and his adventures with Liz (his freind's girlfriend) India....though Sutcliffe has used india as just another destination and not banked upon its true values (besides the Osho type ashram and hot and humid milieu)....In other words, Sutcliffe had referrred to the Elephant and Beggar India rather than fast and Techy India....but still the accounts of dave and Liz were quite funny...much as that of fearful Adventurer (with stress on fear)....Dave wants to bed Liz and Liz wants to be an intrepid adventurer like her boyfriend james ....their quaabblings are quite hillarious....and the Indian charactar Ranj adding spice at the end....good read if you want to kill time and break from all those Grishams and Krichton..

Friday, October 07, 2005

another friday...weekend time...i am supposed to be happy,cheerful and looking forward for time ...but I am not........ perhaps the balance between self expectations and acheivements have gone awry..and i am far from being content.......there seems to be myriad things which I want to do...cant even remember the count of all the things and expectations I have for myself....I know what I want to do but the two coordinates of life...Time and Money do not permit it....ya lloking forward for the next week as I will get to meet people in Bangalore and Hyderabad ....will talk to them on various issues....when will I finallly get to do IT Branding..when will I get to be real globetrotter....the thing I have been preparing myself now for 15 years.....when?????....

Google Next Big Assault for Microsoft

Google has registred GBrowser domain for its next big assault on Microsoft.
GBrowser will take on much successful Internet Explorer of the gaint.
Here is a news article on it.