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there are scores of people who have expressed that MicroSoft is traces our doings on net and retreives all this thru OS which can not be altered by a common user......we all agree to it....but see it from other integrates all the softwares and sell it a a bundle, thus saving lots of people who are not familiar with computers....I agree that MS has been always svanaging on popular softwares and then acquire it by any that Hotmail...EXCEL...Windows....anything...but hats off to the business strategy of their making them the largest tech company on plante with in less than 30 years.....Have you ever thought what Google is doing? can see what we are looking for (Google Search)..discussing (gmail).....thinking ( or talking (google talk)...buying (froogle)..where we are based and going (Gooogle Maps)...does it not scare you?It has so much information about us...I am a great google challenged the monopoly of companies like MS (heard they are making their own OS)...but i just hope they always stick to their credo of is a little incident to share with you....It was my friend's birthday when I sent him a mail and he replied to me....i had asked my friend to tell him what GIFT he would want ...I was flabbergasted as to what I saw on the right corner of for places where I could buy him jeans as gift and was a little shock because it was attack on privacy matters...
and then the incident in China where Google took away the top MS Scentist at double the salary.....the very pace at which Google is growing is threatening....
If MS was murky, lets hope the new ruler Google Inc. is not murkier.......A Men!!!
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