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Google stands for


Yestreday I was thinking about what makes people buy a product worth Lakhs of rupees, I had this thing in mind since visited the Bose Shop in Mumbai with a freind. (Yesterday being a great chance to reconsider the question. I was doing an asiignment for Consumer Insights. :-) I am a music lover (not a fan but love to relax hearing John Denver , some cool soothing songs)and also a dancer, and I that is why I appreciate the fact that each and every beat of a song stands for some meaning. I would love to have a music system which gives me this pleasure. I may be willing to pay a little premium for it. Then another thought came to mind, yesterday there was a concert of Parikrama in IIM A and many guys had taken the pains of going to the concert without caring about the cold outside. They were like fans of pink floyds and they had to go and listen to it no matter what. From there came this idea....Bose is perhaps for those people...who are rock and concerts a freind of mine p…