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Quotable Quotes

"The reading of all good books is like a conversation with all the finest men of past centuries." - Rene Descartes
Seth when found last time....
current location: somehwre in Jungles vacated by death of Veerappan :))

Yahoo Answers is Addictive!

well, I got a hang of thie new and exciting service, and beleive me its good fun.
You score each time someone answers your question. You can also score by number of ways.
You can ask questions, answer questions, rank the answers, good fun.
Do try it.
you can visit the blog here

PS: On weekend I read the news how Yahoo is trying to save itself in the war of Internet between MSN and Google. I think if they continue doing things like these, they will certainly save themselves.

Google Survives!

The rumour of MSN buying stake in AOL (and thus Google wud have been suffocated as about 20% of its ad revenue comes from AOL) has been turned upside down when Google itself has bought 5% stakes in AOL for 1B$.


David v/s Goliath of Advertising

Marshall’s Road in Chennai is the David (Advertising Agency) office, on the other side is the office of JWT (Advertising Giant). In between is a hoarding, on the left side of which in white against a black background is written ‘David’, with a red arrow indicating the location of the office.
Courtesy: AgencyFaqs

Virtualization Technology

Intel and Amd promise to make our lives easier....will all the IT Admins take note of it?..

Quoting Intel:

Within the digital office and enterprise, businesses for example will be able to isolate a portion of a managed PC to perform system upgrades and maintenance without interrupting the end-user. IT managers could also create one desktop PC build that can function independently as both a business and personal system, keeping software loads and virus attacks separate, or one that runs different operating systems and software for different or legacy tasks. Multiple servers can be combined into one system, running different applications and operating systems, providing advantages for IT tasks such as server consolidation, legacy migration and security.

To read more about it, click here

MSN India Starts Advertisement on its website

MSN India has started a new thing on Indian Internet.
Ads on websites. (See red bordered)
Will it be big or not?....We have had interstitials, superstitials,banners ,etc but TVC ad on website...and the best part does not depend on the connection speed you it does not buffer on your computer but is real time....
But i think it may not work in the world of TIVOs where people are trying to get rid of Ads....but yes it can certainly see a new task for all the pop up blockers to come up with getting rid of this thing in future....but thats stretching this new and exciting thing too far....all in all discussed it will certainl help Indian Internet to evolve further.
Book I am Reading:
Integrated Branding: Becoming Brand-driven Through Company-wide Action
By FJoseph LePla and Lynn M Parker
Hope to finish it before 27th December when I plan to take a thick book to read while in train to bangalore
Book I am reading

God's Debris, E-book by Scott Adams.
Freely Available for Download, click here (Its official, dont worry)
It seems a good marketing idea as there is another book by Scott Adams but not available online (my personal comment), So two books are getting publicised by marketing one book freely on net but costly hardbook edition. Good Show!

Google Mirror

Its a funny web , where google exists in its mirror image. Click Here...Google Mirror

Google Calendar?

Rumours are widespread that Google is launching its sheduling and organizing tool oogle calendar. ( reverts you to Google Homepage).
Rumours are also there that it will be linked to Gmail and Google earth.
Its supposed to be launched today or with in this wekk.
So lets see.
The Ramayana Bridge Its an old news but still I am putting it on the blog as was showing it to colleague. You can read about it here

Book - The Death of Vishnu

Its first of the trilogy (on Hindu Mythology of The Holy Trinity, next two being The Life of Shiva and The Birth of Brahma) by Manil Sury,
Quite new in approach....what I liked in particular was the way Manil Suri has developed each charactar, be that Asranis, Pathaks, Jalals.
Entire story is about charactars woven around Vishnu, servant who dies while sleeping in a Mumbai Building. The story does justice to all charcatars, thats the best part, reminded me of the "Sooraj ka saatwan ghoda" by Shyam Benegal.
Unbeliveably but its the first book of the author, Manil Suri, you can read the first chapter of the book on the website.

Book - Shantaram

Perhaps the most interesting book I read....I had not been thrilled so much ....its like Godfather just in case you want me to draw an analogy...Gregory Roberts has created such an aura around Bombay in the book that has left me in an undulating and mysterious air.

He has woven the story around the Mubai that I never knew the place were I live (Haji Ali), place where I order food (President and Hotel Saurabh), PLace where I work (Colaba, near Sasoon Dock and Hotel President) are such mystic places .....its quite thrilling...only yesterday I was asking taxi driver in Byculla if he has heard of Standing Babas mentioned in book.....its quite amazing...Arhtu Road jail's description(which recently was in news coz of Abu Salem)....the sheer intriguing details and descriptions have made me a great fan of Shantaram....
I dont want to let out story of the novel but beleive me if you read this , you will be in a state of amazement for quite sometime.
I can not imagine but if really went thurog…

Newsmap: A Visual Delight

Newsmap, Newsmap is an application that visually reflects the constantly changing landscape of the Google News news aggregator.
A treemap visualization algorithm helps display the enormous amount of information gathered by the aggregator. Treemaps are traditionally space-constrained visualizations of information. Newsmap's objective takes that goal a step further and provides a tool to divide information into quickly recognizable bands which, when presented together, reveal underlying patterns in news reporting across cultures and within news segments in constant change around the globe.Newsmap does not pretend to replace the googlenews aggregator. It's objective is to simply demonstrate visually the relationships between data and the unseen patterns in news media. It is not thought to display an unbiased view of the news, on the contrary it is thought to ironically accentuate the bias of it.
(Source: Newsmap website)


Well, there have been many sites helping you to search all the possible search engines at one time.....but here it is called the site where you can actually get to see the sGoogle and Yahoo searches on a webpage intersected into 2....try comparing the google and yahoo searches...there is a huge and distinct difference between them....let me see if you nerds can find out....
Book was quite good....full with examples and anecdotes...
it talks about picking up good brand wary of line extensions in architecture...I liked Isuzu example....then relevance of PR....very light, replete with examples and easy to understand language..I particularly liked Trout vehemently saying the Confucious had said :A picture is worh many words"..Trout claims that ear is more important organ for mind than eye and further cliams he actually went and looked at his transcripts and found its actually is "a picture is worth many gold " and not words....Quite intriguing....but anyways he has dealt with section on mind very well though elementary.I finished it in 1 day, so if you are feeling to get some examples on positiong and Brand names and Extensions, please go ahead and read the "pop-corn light" book.

Book - Winning

Book I am reading these days

Nokia 888

The next Generation phone.
This design won the best design awards in Nokia Design Competeion.
In case you want me.

Gmail rate of growing

Gmail on 28 Sept was 2638.584390
and today on 19 November its offering 2666.000270...that means in 50 days it added about 27 Mb....more than what hotmail is offering even after more than 9 years of existence.
Its offering 25 Mb to most of the consumers and 250 to consumers in some markets. And some of the peopl are still getting 2 Mb.
Lets see what the marketing giant Microsoft does to tackle the situation.
Nick Negroponte, legendary founder of MIT's Media Lab, wants to give $100 laptops to poor kids around the globe.
For More details Click Here

Google Logo Creator

Meet Dennis Hwang ...23 year old Korean who is behind several of those Whacky logos you see..
Click here for an interview of him with the Korean Hearld

Yahoo Mail Beta

The New Image, I got it from blog of jzawodn..
Hope to get it soon ....

Amazon launches A9

The Internet is evoloving fast and furiously.....Search Engine Market is bursting with Action....the master is diversifying and there are already rumors that the page which has not changed ever since it firt appeared is going to get changed in sometime....amidst all this Amazon launches its own search engine A9.The fight of Who-is-searching-more is not still over between Yahoo and google and A9 is certainly going to attaract lot of attraction.Now the big question ....will A9 do something to google (which already accounts for more than 70% of all searches on net?)...I think to some extent yes....over the times Relevancy ....the major factor of searches was getting sidelined in the quest of who searches more....A9 can be an answer to that coz what it is seling is search on the wesbites like Flickr and webshots and many other community based wesbites..For Example "anshul sushil" on google will give you results from the web but now from A9 if you click on flickr a…

My Logo

Why I chose this?...Will write very soon on that
Part 1: Adventure with Seth in Bangalore

I reached at FR (front side) was drizzling a little....called up Seth ki bhayya kahan ho, main pahunch gaya hoon....door se dekha ki koi sadak pe ek haath se bike pakde and
ek haath hawa main lahrate hue kuch chilla raha hai....fone pe Seth kah raha tha bhayya yahan hoon....maine kaha oh sala ye macho sa banda seth hai kya? bhaai logon...Seth mast bike pe helmet etc. laga ke mere ko lene aaya....First Impresion was Wow!...Khair maza aaya ek day jab we were supposed to meet sachin in Cafe Coffee day in Indiranagar...seth and me had beer that day ...then shaam ko ghar se fresh hoke apan dono nikal chale...raaste main I had to take movie tickets at a place...seth took me there and haled the Bike....Seeing that
the place was deserted.....(now coming in Conversation Mode:)
Me: Abe saale yahan koi bike nahin hai
Seth: Koi Nahin be
Me: abe seth yahan koi vehicle bhi nahin hai
Seth: (with his both legs now off the bikes with last leg over the fron…
Airport: A classic from Arthur healey…The full story you can read here,
Its a classical novel…on the melodrama, taking place on hypothetical airport in Illinois.
What I liked was the way Arthur has played with the characters, each and every character mentioned in the story had been dealt with full details. Its unique of Arthur healey, The way he has dealt with Keith, Gwen, Cindy ,etc who have been given a chance to fully grow in the novel irrespective of the fact they were just side characters. Arthur has done justice with each one of them and no body has been given casual treatment.
I finished it in the Bangalore-Hyderabad Trip in train, another good reason for traveling in train, you have ample time to do what you can not if you are taking flight.
Recent Trip to Hyderabad-Bangalore

In Hyderabad:

I reached Hyderabad and called up Gautam and there he came in his new bike…looking as a macho guy….and then we went to his home….bhayyon it was so pleasant surprise..gautam pai has finally settled in life…with bhabhi, uncle and aunty…. Saw their marriage snaps…with Gautam Bhai and Bhabhi looking so cute in their Shimla-localite outfits….I had a great lunch….in short Guatm Bhai has set a good example of being the first meta guy with a home and a great wife….. gautam send me the snap I have to put it here

The Bangalore Trip
Coming Very Soon

DOmains of Google

you know what is on your mobile and you will get to know....besides how many times have you witnessed typing and still landing on the search engine?...well there are about 352 domain names of Google (and its allied services)......have attached some of them...if you want a comment on this blog with your contact email and will send you the entire list.
Also note the presence of, about which I have menioned in a blog that google will be launching its browser soon...called the gbroswer

Image Search?

You upload an image on google and they return details of people ...Will it be possible?....Google announced it is launching a tool which will help in identifying sex of the person in photo. I was expecting it from some time and will not find many pages referring to it...but it will come very soon....similarly something is hatching at Yahoo

Google Reader

Google Reader is here:
Launched today it can help in collecting feeds from various sites (who support feeds)...and then bring them on to your google reader where again you can read them and go through them in a much convenient and adfree world.
Google has again succesffully maintained a simple interface, which takes less time than the parent source for information.
I have attached a snapshot for a sneek preview if you are interested
Just finished this book (given by Creative Head at my office) by William Sutcliffe, I liked it....finished it in two weekdays..even when the Projects in the office were quite demanding..u can imagine the interest which the book provoked in reminded me of The Inscrutable American by Anand Mathur....Are you interested? already a best-seller in England, and accounts adventure of the protoganist Dave and his adventures with Liz (his freind's girlfriend) India....though Sutcliffe has used india as just another destination and not banked upon its true values (besides the Osho type ashram and hot and humid milieu)....In other words, Sutcliffe had referrred to the Elephant and Beggar India rather than fast and Techy India....but still the accounts of dave and Liz were quite funny...much as that of fearful Adventurer (with stress on fear)....Dave wants to bed Liz and Liz wants to be an intrepid adventurer like her boyfriend james ....their quaabblings are quite hillarious…
another friday...weekend time...i am supposed to be happy,cheerful and looking forward for time ...but I am not........ perhaps the balance between self expectations and acheivements have gone awry..and i am far from being content.......there seems to be myriad things which I want to do...cant even remember the count of all the things and expectations I have for myself....I know what I want to do but the two coordinates of life...Time and Money do not permit it....ya lloking forward for the next week as I will get to meet people in Bangalore and Hyderabad ....will talk to them on various issues....when will I finallly get to do IT Branding..when will I get to be real globetrotter....the thing I have been preparing myself now for 15 years.....when?????....

Google Next Big Assault for Microsoft

Google has registred GBrowser domain for its next big assault on Microsoft.
GBrowser will take on much successful Internet Explorer of the gaint.
Here is a news article on it.

Google Ideation Methodology

Here it is .....

Gmail Infringes Privacy....

I am a google fan...but I am really getting worried to what its upto..i have read the entire "AGREE" document that Gmail has to say before you sign up but the most atrocious fact is it is indeed reading all our mails..what if it leaks the information....I have full faith in it......but with great power comes great responsibility (ya ya spiderman!!!).just hope Google adheres to it.....
as a sample see the esxchange of mail that happenend between my freind and me....he was looking for laptop and see what ads Google offered

there are scores of people who have expressed that MicroSoft is traces our doings on net and retreives all this thru OS which can not be altered by a common user......we all agree to it....but see it from other integrates all the softwares and sell it a a bundle, thus saving lots of people who are not familiar with computers....I agree that MS has been always svanaging on popular softwares and then acquire it by any that Hotmail...EXCEL...Windows....anything...but hats off to the business strategy of their making them the largest tech company on plante with in less than 30 years.....Have you ever thought what Google is doing? can see what we are looking for (Google Search)..discussing (gmail).....thinking ( or talking (google talk)...buying (froogle)..where we are based and going (Gooogle Maps)...does it not scare you?It has so much information about us...I am a great google challenged the monopoly of com…


a great website no doubt....if u r one of thos who believe that Internet is a place to stay connected with freinds ...u must have account on this is some recent stats on the website..(official as publised by the website itelf as on Sept 7 2005... most prominent is the Brazilian Internet phenomenon ...

My Phone: R380 World

This is my first PDA phone....though its an old model from Ericcson (year 2000)...but its unique and eye catching in its own way....till its flap is closed people look at me holding such a big fone but when i open the flap take out the stylus...all eyes turn an the fone....there have been instances when this fone has successfully caught attention at right times. ;-)).....
the negatives are its bulky and does not fit into pocket (even if it does ....its very inconvenient)....
memory is also less (2MB) but can be synchronized wth computer so its OK.....the best part I like is sending sms and email is so convenient by using stylus... it comes with handsfree which is quite good...The first time i held it in hand ...reclled MATRIX ""Trinity, I need an exit" ..... battery is also not quite convenient but its been with me now for almost 2 years and battery is still going steady, i have to charge it for 5 years and it runs smoothly for 1 official day....

Search Engine Logos

Internet is home of many a fun...I got the link from my fellow Orkutian...have fun.. For Yahoo

For Google

Google Talk

Its damn neat ..simple to use and easy interfaces...
Newest from the stable of Google...
It follows the principle of simple yet sophisticated from Google...
Built on the No frills based front end, best thing about Google Talk is CPU used while using it which was the biggest failure of yah00 7.0

1. Multiple Windows Sorted: What i liked about the software is multiple windows (click on the screenshot)..when u r talking to multiple freinds you can talk simulaneously while other messengers force you to maintain multiple windows...
2. Size: Installation File is small (less than 1Mb)....

3. No ads: as compared to MSN and Yahoo...

1. Keyboard Friendliness: Its not there as was expected from it being part of the google if u r one of those mousephobic, you will hate it

2. File Transfer: Not possible (as of now ...)

3. Chat: Not possible to save the chats (besides copy paste), i like the Message History of yahoo and MSN (Though I dont like XML based History of MSN but it has got its own feat…
I love working!
I love being challenged each day for more and moreI love being put to task and derive from with in myself, the motivation to go a step beyond the last day......
The core of my workaholic-ism stems from Why am I working.....I want money (Obviously!....beleive me its a great motivator)But for me, its for testing myself.....testing my patience...I can work 22 hrs a day and still love it .....Right now when people in Bombay are sipping drinks and are with family...I am working and wishing to work more....I feel sometimes I am in a hurry....may be hurry to be the person what I have been craving since childhood....want to be proud of fulfill 30-30...:-)


Google stands for


Yestreday I was thinking about what makes people buy a product worth Lakhs of rupees, I had this thing in mind since visited the Bose Shop in Mumbai with a freind. (Yesterday being a great chance to reconsider the question. I was doing an asiignment for Consumer Insights. :-) I am a music lover (not a fan but love to relax hearing John Denver , some cool soothing songs)and also a dancer, and I that is why I appreciate the fact that each and every beat of a song stands for some meaning. I would love to have a music system which gives me this pleasure. I may be willing to pay a little premium for it. Then another thought came to mind, yesterday there was a concert of Parikrama in IIM A and many guys had taken the pains of going to the concert without caring about the cold outside. They were like fans of pink floyds and they had to go and listen to it no matter what. From there came this idea....Bose is perhaps for those people...who are rock and concerts a freind of mine p…