Saturday, February 08, 2014

Remembering Tej...

You don't normally think of writing this for a friend who was just 31 years old.
Friend who you have just met.
I dont want any of you, reading this, to experience this ever again.

Tejendra Gwala, or Tej, as we lovingly called him, a 6ft 2 inches man was still a boy at heart. Full of dreams, full of youth and full of  dare to be different from everyone out there.

Few things -

1. He knew how to make you comfortable - I spent innumerable evenings with him - where he would just go and start speaking with strangers - whether t was a gym, dhaba or a 5 star restaurant

2. He knew his values - I was just 1 year younger than I was but he respected me and Aakriti (my wife) as his real brother and Bhabhi. There were dozens of time, when he would just call and say - I want "Ghar ka khana" and lets go for a drive.

3. He was the best closer that you would want in your team - knew how to finish things. Whether it was AV shoot in Chennai, fixing dozens of cabs, writing a strategic presentation, managing agencies, working on internet marketing plan - he would love to finish things and not just start and let it linger.

4. Best person to have fun - Some of the best time I have had in my life was with Dhawal and Tej. Tej and I would love to tease Dhawal and Dhawal would always end up worrying about us. Wish we had done it just one more time.

5. He was the best sounding board for your personal side - whether it was taking a personal decision or wanting a feedback - Tej would always be there.

6. Plain simple joy of life - Lot of times, it just used to happen (till last month) - you would just call him because you wanted to laugh. Being an entrepreneur, there have been lot of testing times in my life - but you called him, and he would make you laugh by telling you how small the issue really was.

Come back Tej. You are just far too precious for us.

There are just far too many memories with him to pen down.
And like they say, memories are best kept in your heart.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

In the Quest of Second Best Answers...

Mind is a fickle thing.

Ensconced in looking for answers, it always turns out the most obvious FIRST answer.

The creative quest of finding the second best answer is tough and hence mind tries to avoid it.

It is this  tussle makes life more interesting, especially, when you work for a startup and you have to think of a creative way to market a startup every day.

How do you fight the battle of "Thinking Out of the Box" everyday?

Photo source - DeviantArt of Lauren

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Time with self can be therapeutic

Perhaps the single most disease which plagues human race today. It can drive people crazy and can be even suicidal  as indicated by the news papers everyday.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

How Branding can help your startup

I can bucket a startup entrepreneur into either of 2 buckets – one – Branding-is-for-Biggies! and second  who believe -Branding-is-important-after-Series-A-funding”. And first bucket is full till the brim.
Let me start with a simple question with a possibly simple answer -

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Taking life for granted

We are a bit too careless. Forget that all of us are born in a similar manner and all die as well. It's still such a weird thing that we take life and people who have us this life for granted.

9 months - painful process of birth - and yet we don't know how and when we stopped talking to patents.  When did you spend quality time with your mother?  Took her for a walk in the garden or hold her hands to make her feel special ?

Friday, April 26, 2013

3 Cs to get work done in India

Heard from someone really smart in getting work done

1. Convince

Try your level best in convincing people to get establish your point

2. Confuse -

If your work is still not done - you may want to confuse people.  This works best when you deal with people with less intelligence but more power.

3. Corrupt

Sounds powerful and potent but use only after exploring above 2. Works like magic.

What do you think of these?  Which is tour favourite C?

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year New Hope

Well done 2012. You were a good friend and gave me lot of good moments.
Moments, when I did  what I really wanted to do. Spent time with family, Started working for my own business, learnt things which were impossible otherwise. But the best gift you gave me was to be truly Fearless.