Mid-year personal reflection – Checklist

Personal reflection has been there for thousands of years. It is said, during Mahabharata, Arjun had a major panic attack when he realised at the start of the war that he has to fight and kill all his loved ones. Krishna then made him go through the reflection of all things that matter to life, saved for us, in the form of Bhagavad Gita. <Wikipedia>. This helped him re-live a lot of moments of his lives and realise his true purpose, and then was finally able to do what was the right thing for him to do.

All of us, fighting hundreds of wars internally and externally, fail to take out time to reflect on our wins and losses. And this dissipates our focus to do bigger things in life, the very reason which made us get started in the first place. Do I need to remind you of your resolutions this new year eve? Those checklists? Those gym subscriptions? A timely check on one’s personal reflection can help you be true to yourself.

Today is 21st June – The longest day of this year, and it is a Sunday. I got time to do personal reflection and I decided to make my own thoughts in form of a checklist. So that I may help you to reflect upon your gone so year far. Yes, we are amidst a pandemic, and a lot of things went unplanned. And that is why, I would urge you to reflect a bit more, realise what you intend to do and how you are doing. This may be cathartic for some and unsettling for others. To start is to admit and realise how you are doing.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am an entrepreneur and this list is more of a checklist that I have formed for myself, balancing my life between my business, my married life and playing the role of father, husband and son.

So let us start:

Please sit in a calm place, you may want to switch on your favourite playlist so and try and do this on one sitting. Some of the questions are objective and your brain and heart may have a class while answering. That is expected – just write the number corresponding to what your inner self believes in. Take out your notepad and pen and answer the questions to the best of your honesty. For every statement, give yourselves marks as per the following order:

[1 – Not true at all | 2 – Kind of | 3 – Absolutely yes ]

Professional questions:

  1. I am learning a lot [ ]
  2. I am able to see how I am adding value to my company [ ]
  3. I can list down 3 great moments in my company [ ]
  4. I look forward to the next challenge in my company [ ]
  5. I think my peak performance is yet to come here [ ]

Personal questions:

  1. I am a better human being than I was, six months back []
  2. I tried my best to give time to my family and loved ones [ ]
  3. I can list down 3 times I had amazing times with my family [ ]
  4. I know the favourite food of my wife/ son/ daughter/ mother/ father or anyone else as applicable [ ]
  5. I can recollect when I was the first to apologise during family altercations []

Self questions

  1. I know what I am doing with my life [ ]
  2. I am doing my best to be true to the promise I did to myself [ ]
  3. I have taken out time to talk to myself []
  4. I have taken out time for one thing which I did for myself (and not for money) []
  5. I have tried to not seek validation from others for things that matter to me []

Once you have done, please match with the scores on the next page:

Startup and knowledge bytes – 1

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Anshul Sushil Dunzo tasks

Quote – “You can feel sore tomorrow or you can feel sorry tomorrow. You choose.” —Unknown